Basic Information

Population: 1626
Inner area: 104 ha
Outskirts: 3365 ha

Accessibility: This village of scenic landscape is situated southwest of Baja along the backwater called Sugovica.

Address of local government:
6512 Szeremle, Szabadság u. 1
Phone: (79) 476-193, 476-241
Phone/Fax: (79) 576-577
Mayor:  Mr. György Varga

Characteristics: It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The area was occupied by the tribe of Botond during the Hungarian Settlement.

Infrastucture: 90% of the homes are connected to the water supply and 79% of them to the gas system. 80% of the homes have a telephone and 70% of the roads are paved.

Development plan: To build roads, supply the healthcare centre with equipment, look after the Sugovica and develop tourism.

Economy: It is mainly an agricultural village. Its traditional weaving and embroidery are significant.

Institutions: KinderGarten, primary school, cultural house, library, museum, two church buildings, surgery, pharmacy and sports field.

Sights: The 200 years old Calvinist church building, which needs restauration. The unique hunting and fishing facilities.